Aesthetics of Longing – Kallistos Ware on Tradition

ware.jpgI took this photo in a small medieval Orthodox Monastery in Kosovo & Metohija, where only a few nuns live. The monastery is under constant threat from the surrounding Albanian population and as a result it is protected by international peacekeepers and barbed wire. To visit the monastery for less than an hour, we had to be escorted by the local police.

Aesthetics of Longing – Tarkovsky on the Meaning of Art

tarkovsky.jpgThis photo was taken in a Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, which rarely hosts services due to the hostility of the neighbouring Albanian population. I really liked the way light enters through the small windows and falls on this and other chandeliers.

Aesthetics of Longing – Disjointed Memories

florencekingI took this photo in the village of Vrbnik, next to the town of Knin, where my father’s side of the family comes from. Knin was occupied by Croatian troops in 1995 and since then almost all Serbian families fled the region of Krajina. What is fascinating is that there are still a handful of remote village homes and objects which remain¬†untouched, decades after the war. Some of these villages are now only populated by wolves, foxes, rabbits, wild boards, etc…