Aesthetics of Longing – Solzhenitsyn on Freedom & Home

solz9Anyone who felt nostalgic for a long time knows that the feeling can be compared to imprisonment. Not that I am saying that this is some positive or romantic feeling. I think that it cripples a person’s soul and the ability to live a normal life. It is, as I later realised, a lack of spirituality and faith in God. That is why Solzhenitsyn was often ‘grateful’ for his imprisonment by the Soviets as it helped him awaken his spirituality.

Aesthetics of Longing – Disjointed Memories

florencekingI took this photo in the village of Vrbnik, next to the town of Knin, where my father’s side of the family comes from. Knin was occupied by Croatian troops in 1995 and since then almost all Serbian families fled the region of Krajina. What is fascinating is that there are still a handful of remote village homes and objects which remain¬†untouched, decades after the war. Some of these villages are now only populated by wolves, foxes, rabbits, wild boards, etc…