Aesthetics of Longing – Solzhenitsyn on “his task on earth”

solz6This is a photo of the 14th Century Decani Monastery in Kosovo $ Metohija, Serbia. It is one of my favourite places on this planet. It is, if we use a cliche, a piece of heaven on earth. Decani Monastery is protected by Italian peacekeepers because it is under constant threat from the Albanian majority in this region of Metohija.

Aesthetics of Longing – “One is always at home in one’s past…”

nabokovSerbian countryside and mountains are full of these old and beautiful houses and vernacular architecture. The doors and windows often look like eyes and give these houses a unique personality. Many of them have been forgotten by their owners or they no longer have any. Nature is slowly repossessing them.

Aesthetics of Longing – Burke’s Warning Regarding History

burkeMy hometown of Knin, destroyed by Croatian forces, with the help of NATO, in 1995. They still haven’t rebuilt it and it is practically a ghost town. The town of Knin is known for its castle, which belonged to Romans, Venetians, Serbs, Ottoman Turks, Habsburgs,¬†etc…