The Aesthetics of Longing is a visual exploration of nostalgia, tradition, spirituality and art. This is done through a fusion of photographs and big ideas framed by authors I explored between 2011 and 2014. During this period, I wondered through the Balkans, looking for my roots, identity, culture, ancestry and God. The journey helped me heal from years of nostalgia, which crippled me from the moment I left my home in 1995, straight after the war in Former Yugoslavia.

Like the artists I quote, I see modernity and its obsession with progress as the source of great suffering and challenges humanity faces today. I don’t feel that I’m articulate enough to write lengthy personal responses to this problem and that is why I stick to images I captured and short commentary I obtained from www.goodreads.com. This is also more in line with my education and experience as a director of theatre and screen.

Hence, I look forward to exchanging ideas and thoughts with you and others who are interested in the same themes. I value diversity in opinions and genuine dialogue because they help me fine-tune my own views.


Sydney, February 2017